Installation of your vivodecor wallpaper is straight forward, however we do always recommend using a professional wallpaper fitter.

We offer 2 types of wallpaper so you can choose which best suits your requirements:

Option 1: VivoUltimural - Pre-pasted wallpaper which already has the paste built into the back of the paper so only requires water, there is no paste required. This is very straightforward to install. The panels overlapping slightly to give a seamless image. Download installation instructions here.

Option 2: VivoSmooth – This is a good quality and slightly heavier wallpaper that requires pasting the wall or paper and the panels are joined by overlapping and splicing through both panels to give a perfect butt join finish. I would recommend this being fitted by an experienced decorator. Download installation instructions here.

Enter your wall dimensions:

H: metres     X     W: metres

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The price to produce your bespoke luxury wallpaper is
Price does not include image/photo, special effects or fitting

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